Our Board

Bryan Ware, Founder and President
Bryan is the creator of WareWorks, a consulting firm specializing in packaging and product design as well as manufacturing processes. After years of advising major companies including Google, Franzia, Uncle Ben’s, and Scott’s Miracle-Gro to help streamline their manufacturing and products for ultimate efficiency, Bryan is dedicated to combining his manufacturing skills and his love for the arts to help children in need.

Steve Sumner, Treasurer
Steve brings his background in business development and a successful career with the American Automobile Association and Lealta Media to The Crayon Initiative. His late brother, Bob, discovered his artistic talent and passion during elementary school. Steve is passionate about ensuring that other children have the same opportunity to love and excel in art that his brother had.

Nicole Long, Secretary
Nicole is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has worked in schools, family practices, and women’s health. As a mother of three, Nicole values the importance of creativity in learning. Her involvement with Girl Scouts and The Crayon Initiative allows her to model for her children that we can all give back to our communities.

Marissa Ware
Marissa is an elementary school teacher, who has experienced, first-hand, the budget cuts in the arts department and the ensuing educational impact it has on students. Inspired by the creativity and imagination she’s seen from young students involved in the arts, Marissa is confident that the arts can help any child create without limits – and The Crayon Initiative can help.

Gary Ware
Gary previously served as the President of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation, among other non-profit and community board positions. He is also an active board member for Kids’ Country. Already involved in the medical community as the owner of Practice Consultants, which helps in the process of buying and selling medical practices, Gary brings his non-profit passion to The Crayon Initiative.

Kellye Carroll
As a firm believer in the healing value of play, Kellye is the Director of the Chase Child Life Program at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA who has the unique opportunity to witness the the magic it brings to hospitalized kids and their families everyday.  Kellye has seen firsthand how a box of crayons transcends fear and illness and helps a kid be a kid in the most vulnerable time of their life.