Middle School – High School

Middle Schools and High Schools following the C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards can incorporate the following activities into their curriculum:

• Visit Local Establishments: Invite students to visit local restaurants or related companies/organizations that might be willing to contribute to the school’s collection. Have them explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. This might also be a good way to get local sponsorship for shipping costs.

• Collection Competition: Have the students start their own mini drives. Discuss volunteering with non-profits and see who can collect the most crayons/donations.

• Stop-Motion Animation Project: Have the student create a stop-motion animation piece that shows the life cycle of a crayon from creating art to being recycled then melted down and turned into new crayons.

• Recycled “Found Objects” Art Projects.

• Decorate Furniture: Visit flatgoods.com and either purchase or have a piece of white cardboard furniture donated. This is a wonderful company that promotes recycling and the environment. Cardboard is great because, when designed the right way, it can be just a strong as wood. Plus, it uses far less “tree” than actual solid wood. Cardboard furniture is so lightweight, it reduces shipping costs. Of course, it’s also recyclable. The furniture is easy to assemble with a few folds and will last 1-3 years before being 100% recycled again. Have the students color and decorate the item. If you have multiple pieces, make this a contest. The recycled cardboard furniture can either serve as classroom furniture or be auctioned off as part of your fundraising events.

To read more about the C3 Framework for Social Studies, visit the website: http://www.socialstudies.org/system/files/c3/C3- Framework-for-Social-Studies.pdf.


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