How to Help

Please use the contact form here. Give us your info and let us know how you would be interested in helping. We’re thrilled that you want to join our team!

The Crayon Initiative continues to expand its program across the U.S., and eventually the world. (After all, there are kids in need everywhere.) Until then, there is still plenty you can do, wherever you are, to help our cause.

Thank you for your generous offer. There are three great ways to help The Crayon Initiative:

  1. DONATE funds to our cause. Your contributions are vitally important as we strive to expand our program and reach more kids in need. If you’re a business, you also may want to consider sponsoring one of our events, or hosting a corporate fundraising program.
  2. COLLECT used crayons and ship them to us. You can do it on your own or start a collection program in your area. We have collection programs for schools, restaurants and community and youth organizations.
  3. VOLUNTEER for our local The Crayon Initiative campaigns and events. Or become a Crayon Advocate: Tell your family, friends, restaurants, schools and local businesses about us, and encourage them to start a collection program. You can also spread the good word on social media. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and be sure to Share Your Colors!
    @thecrayoninitiative #thecrayoninitiative #shareyourcolors

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The used crayons are sterilized by our remanufacturing process when they are exposed to intense heat and melted down. Our process has been tested and approved by an independent medical laboratory, which concluded that our crayons are perfectly safe – on par with or better than store-bought crayons.

To partner with The Crayon Initiative, your hospital must be a member of the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). If you are a CHA member, please fill out our online form and we will get in touch with you.

Please see our hospital partner list here.

A large box containing 25 pounds of used crayons can yield enough raw materials to supply 125 hospitalized children with new eight-packs of crayons. Larger collection efforts can bring in as many as 200 pounds of crayons, enough to spread joy and color to over 1,000 kids.

If you would like to sort the crayons as a project, then please separate them as follows: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White, Everything Else. When sorting, the number-one rule is to not overthink it: If it is blue, or some variation of blue, then it is blue!

Nope, no need to sort them or take the wrappers off. We’ve got it covered.

Of course. Please place your request through our contact page here. However, due to limited supplies, if your crayon drive requires more than 20 boxes, we would ask that you use your own containers.

You can collect crayons in virtually any containers you have lying around (boxes, totes, pails, etc.). Simply print out and apply our logo, available here, to the containers.

Our recommendation is that you consult with your accountant.

The most convenient way to ship crayons is using USPS flat-rate boxes. A large one holds approximately 20 pounds of crayons, and costs $18.75 as of Oct. 2016.

The most cost-effective way is through our Portal, which provides you with access to our negotiated UPS discounted rate.

Shipping Guide

You can send crayons to:

The Crayon Initiative
155 Railroad Ave. Suite E
Danville, CA 94526

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Donations and Fundraising

Not at this time. Our initial mission is to keep as many crayons as possible out of landfills by placing them in pediatric patients’ hands.

The Crayon Initiative is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donors receive documentation for tax purposes.

We use cash donations to fund crayon remanufacturing and distribution to children’s hospitals.

Click here to donate online, or you can send a check to:

The Crayon Initiative
540 Glasgow Circle
Danville CA 94526

Please send your checks separately from crayon donations.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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Outreach and Media Inquiries

We’d love to connect! Please use the contact form here and we can set up a time for an interview.

We strive to read and respond to all of the input we receive. Please use the contact form here and thank you for your interest.

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