How can we help?

Thank you for your generous offer. There are three great ways to help The Crayon Initiative:

  1. DONATE funds to our cause. Your contributions are vitally important as we strive to expand our program and reach more kids in need. If you’re a business, you also may want to consider sponsoring one of our events, or hosting a corporate fundraising program.
  2. COLLECT used crayons and ship them to us. You can do it on your own or start a collection program in your area. We have collection programs for schools, restaurants and community and youth organizations.
  3. VOLUNTEER for our local The Crayon Initiative campaigns and events. Or become a Crayon Advocate: Tell your family, friends, restaurants, schools and local businesses about us, and encourage them to start a collection program. You can also spread the good word on social media. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and be sure to Share Your Colors!
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