School Collection Programs

Organizing a collection program at your local school or education district is a great way to teach children (and adults!) about social awareness and responsibility. The Crayon Initiative can suggest a variety of activities and exercises that school districts can use to incorporate these lessons into their curricula.

For more information, download The Crayon Initiative’s School Program Guide and check out our recommendations for each grade level.

School Program Guide

Restaurant Collection Programs

Attention, restaurants… We want your leftovers!

Your leftover crayons, that is.

Since its very beginnings, The Crayon Initiative has worked with restaurants around the country to set up crayon collection boxes, so that used crayons can be given a second life. Instead of wastefully discarding them after one use, we melt them down, remanufacture them, and ship them out to pediatric hospitals across the country.

If you are an interested restaurant owner or employee, please review our Restaurant Program Guide and then contact us so we can help you get started.

Restaurant Program Guide

If there is a family restaurant in your area that provides crayons at the table, be a Crayon Advocate and ask them to support The Crayon Initiative! It’s easy: just hand a restaurant employee or manager one of our “leave-behind cards” and ask them to contact us.

To receive a set of leave-behind cards in the mail, order here. Or to print your own cards using Avery 8869 sheets, click here.

Community & Youth Group Collection Programs

The Crayon Initiative is one big happy family, and there’s a seat at the table for your local club, organization, scout troop, house of worship and chamber of commerce.

Starting a collection drive in your neck of the woods is a fantastic way to support your community and help the less fortunate. And not a bad way to earn that community service badge, Scouts! (Hint, hint.)

The Crayon Initiative can also suggest a variety of bonus activities and exercises that enhance the giving experience. If your community or youth organization wants to join in on the action, please contact us and we’ll welcome you with open arms!

For more information, download The Crayon Initiative’s Community or Scout Program Guide.

Community Program Guide Scout Program Guide

At Home

Do you have stray crayons lying around your house? We bet you do. And whether they’re still unopened, used or broken, we’re happy to take them off your hands.

Crayons can turn up just about anywhere, especially after a good housecleaning. Take a peek in your junk drawers, your storage bins, your closets, your couch cushions, your child’s old backpack… you get the idea! (And speaking of backpacks, ask your school district to join our cause too.)

Remember, generosity can be contagious – so be sure to tell your neighbors about us and ask if they want to pitch in!

And take heart, knowing that your crayon donation will soon brighten the day of a child in need of a pick-me-up.

Shipping Guide